Flex Office & Business Registration

Corporate mailing address

Mail en Email forwarding service

Telephone answering service/receptionist

  • You can choose your own local Amsterdam telephone number and even other area codes and international telephone numbers. Each call to your telephone number will be answered with a professional welcome greeting that has been set up for your account. At this point, the caller has to choose the person or department he or she is trying to reach. These calls are routed to the appropriate number, just like the automated internal switching systems of big companies. Call screening allows you to accept a call or send the caller to your voicemail. Voicemail is available by phone or email. Your Receptionist doesn’t take holidays or sick days and works 24/7/365.

Chamber of commerce registration

  • The costs of a Virtual/Flex Office in the Netherlands might be higher than in some other countries. A registration at the Dutch Trade Register (Companies House) can only be accomplished if the contract proves that the company has actually right to use an office. Therefore we will keep dedicated work space available for their clients.
Flex Office
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